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Taja Sevelle On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen welcomed Taja, to tell her about the Triscuit Home Farming Movement. Together they planted a home farm for Ellen.

Taja Sevelle & Urban Farming on Good Morning America with Chris Cuomo

Taja is interviewed live in this Good Morning America segment, discussing the birth of Urban Farming, the benefits of gardening, and more!

Taja Sevelle Interview with Max Tucci on "Max & Friends" LA Talk Radio

Max and Friends: This interview which occurs during the second half of Max Tucci’s, “Max and Friends,” is an upbeat, fun interview that delves into what Taja Sevelle has been doing with Urban Farming during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping families to grow their own food, as well as Taja’s advice for keeping our heads up during this time.

Max Tucci graciously donated, live on-air, to Urban Farming during the interview, to kick-off a fundraiser to help more families grow their own food! Thank you Max! Taja and Max also discuss Taja’s new music and her contribution of a lunch with Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch (Abrams books). Listen Below

Taja Sevelle on Montel Williams' Free Thinking Podcast

Montel Williams interviews Taja Sevelle in his podcast, FREE THINKING, covering her music career, her new book, From The Root, Urban Farming and world affairs, as well as her contribution of a lunch with Prince in Erica Heller’s new book, One Last Lunch. In this hour long interview, Taja and Montel dig deep into the state of the world, including food scarcity issues, healthy communication, healthy eating, and our political landscape.


Taja Sevelle – Author & Contributing Author

Taja Sevelle has written three books—a non-fiction titled From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our Worldand two unpublished novels, Rain on a River and 49 DaysShe has co-written a script for 49 Days and is currently working on her new novel, The Joke.

From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World

From The Root 2nd Edition coming soon!



From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World, By Taja Sevelle.

     “Taja’s experience and insights provide us with an important approach to bringing our world into balance.”

– Nile Rodgers, Music Producer, Author.

     “Taja shares her insight, experiences and research in a clear and concise way, leading the reader to the realization that a world of compassion and empathy is not only possible but probable and easily within our reach. At a time in history when these goals are essential, this book is a refreshing must read!”

-Shawn King, Actress/Singer and Larry King, TV/Radio Host formerly with CNN.

     “Taja Sevelle weaves a tapestry of her amazing life with a powerful plan for recovery and balance. The presence of practical and actionable steps to better our health, our communities and the planet make this required reading to reclaim the harmony in which we deserve to live and raise families.”

-Joel Kahn, M.D. Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Author of “The Whole Heart Solution.

     “Taja Sevelle’s vision of a world united by global farming provides a prime example of how small steps on a local level can translate to big gains in our global environment.”

– Professor David Lea, Department of Earth Science, University of California.

Recording Artist, Taja Sevelle, who signed her first record deal with the legendary artist, Prince, outlines a courageous plan for bringing the world into balance, and shares the reasons she put her music career on the “back burner” to start the nonprofit organization Urban Farming®. Her blueprint for balance includes recapturing trillions of dollars of wasted capital, and reallocating it into areas that will better serve both our economically challenged communities, as well as our economically vibrant communities. With chronicles of risk-taking vision, extensive research, and rare personal experiences, Taja offers a formula for integrity in business, personal, social, and political relationships, as well as world affairs. She shares how fundamental “root” principles are essential for the restoration and balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health within our global family. 

While recording her third CD for Sony Records in Detroit, Taja saw widespread poverty and vast stretches of unused land—a memory she would not forget. With three community gardens and a global vision to “Create an Abundance of Food for All in Our Generation,” Taja started Urban Farming, which went on to ignite a global gardening movement. Within six years, there were over 56,000 gardens within the Urban Farming Global Food Chain® Urban Farming has been featured in over 30,000 media stories including The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, The Montel Williams Show, the BBC, CNN, FOX, NPR, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

From The Root vibrates with the inspiration, innovation, and perseverance of a brilliant and passionate artist who put her first love—music—on hold to address some tough global issues. 





Book Cover of One Last Lunch

One Last Lunch

Author and recording artist, Taja Sevelle has contributed a moving piece about a lunch with the iconic music artist, Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch.

 “One Last Lunch is a powerful, surprise-filled read that is as charming and funny as it is moving.” —Helen Mirren

Taja Sevelle’s lunch with Prince takes place in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, and gives the reader a window into a heartwarming relationship between the two close friends.

Charming and uplifting, the fabled lunch is peppered with Taja’s selections of real-life shared moments with Prince, revealing humor, social awareness, and of course, menu proclivities.

One Last Lunch: A Final Meal with Those Who Meant So Much to Us (Abrams Press; May 12, 2020; U.S $25.00; Hardcover.) Available also on Amazon

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to sit down, break bread, and just talk? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to ask those unasked questions, or share those unvoiced feelings? In One Last Lunch, Heller, an acclaimed memoirist herself, has asked friends and family of authors, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and others, to recount one such fantastic repast. Kirk Douglas asks his father what he thought of him becoming an actor. Taja Sevelle asks Prince piercing questions. Sara Moulton dines with her friend Julia Child. Richard Lewis has lunch with Jonathan Winters. These richly imagined stories are endlessly revealing, about the subject, the writer, the passage of time, regret, gratitude, and the power of enduring love.

Conversations in the book include:

·         Daniel Bellow (son) and Saul Bellow

·         Carinthia West (friend, collaborator) and David Bowie

·         Lee Clow (collaborator, friend) and Steve Jobs

·         Elizabeth Mailer (daughter) and Norman Mailer

·         Taja Sevelle (protégé, close friend) and Prince

·         Rain Pryor (daughter) and Richard Pryor

·         Cameron West (acquaintance) and Robin Williams

·         Richard Lewis (close comedy pal) and Jonathan Winters

·         Erica Heller (daughter) and Joseph Heller (Author of Catch 22.)

About the Author

Erica Heller is the author of the memoir Yossarian Slept Here; a novel, Splinters; and 300 Ways to Say No to a Man, a humor book illustrated by Seymour Chwast. She has contributed to the New York Observer, Huffington Post, and other publications.




Rain On A River

Set in present day, this mystery and romance centers around the lives of Lastlia Priscilla States and Alden Bain Thearou. They realize a foe is in their midst, and as they begin to unravel the mystery of their past lives, they are gripped with finding out who their enemy is in the present.  It soon becomes a matter of life and death. Lastlia and Alden are torn apart and highly misunderstood as the mystery takes unexpected twists of fate.





Taja’s work with the non-profit she founded, Urban Farming, is mentioned in the following books and documentaries : 


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About the Artists… 

Taja Sevelle:  
             Singer, Songwriter, Author, Humanitarian, Taja was offered her first record deal by the legendary, Prince. The first song she wrote, Love is Contagious, became a hit in the UK and in R&B markets in the US. Taja has written songs with Burt Bacharach, Nile Rodgers, Prince, Thom Bell, and numerous others. She has singing and songwriting credits on over 3.5 million CDs sold. Taja Sevelle founded the non-profit, Urban Farming in 2005, which helps people grow their own organic food. The organization began with three community gardens of free food and there are now over 66,000 gardens that are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. Urban Farming has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, the BBC, and Good Morning America among 30,000 other media stories worldwide. Taja has released a non-fiction titled From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World, and has written three novels.

Commissioned works of  – 

Catherine Chapin:   
  Catherine Chapin is an artist, illustrator and product  designer who worked with Tiffany & Company on Fifth Avenue in New York for 20 years as a senior designer, product developer and illustrator, creating delicate, flawless artwork for Tiffany fine china, crystal, stationary, cards, gift items, and event invitations. She is now a freelance designer for a wide range of clients and markets. Taja Sevelle commissioned Catherine Chapin to create artwork for the CD cover of her song Little Diva™  and related products, as well as the cover of her book, From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World and related promotional products. Her artwork is featured on the From The Root™, and Little Diva lines of merchandise from the Taja Sevelle Brand.

Sonja Flowers:  
  Sonja Flowers is a budding new artist who has received high accolades for her work. Originally from Minneapolis, Sonja now lives and works in Costa Rica. She has immersed herself in diverse cross-sections of cultures her entire life. Her first piece featured in the Love is Contagious Line is from a mixed-media work on canvas, a collage of origami paper with acrylic paint, titled: No Use Holding onto Dead Ends. Sonja has a penchant for deep insight and social concern, and these values are reflected within her meaningful artwork. She is featured on the Love is Contagious Line of mugs, water bottles, and other items.

Paolo Catalla:  
  Digital graphic artist, Paolo-Miguel Catalla has worked with major companies including Alfa Romeo, Lexus, iHeartMedia for the Will Ferrell Podcast, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Olympics among others. He rocketed into the NFT world with the exquisite debut NFT audio/visual animated coin series titled, Seven Days in Heaven, presented by The Taja Sevelle Brand. His Love is Contagious logo is featured on several items in The Taja Sevelle Line of Love is Contagious merchandise.

Love Is Contagious with Taja Sevelle Podcast

Join me for my new podcast, Love Is Contagious with Taja Sevelle!

Love is Contagious with Taja Sevelle features introspective conversations with celebrities and remarkable personalities, as well as music. Guests include renowned talk show host Montel Williams, singer/songwriter Antonia Bennett, CEO of Atlantic Records Craig Kallman, The honorable Judge Allie Greenleaf Maldonado, and more!

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