Artist Development & Consultation

Taja Sevelle selects up to four students per year for private development and consultation. 

In her 12-month consultation sessions, Taja covers a wide array of valuable information that is essential for pursuing a career in the music business.   

The sessions cover a broad range of information including: industry etiquette; presentation of style onstage, offstage, and within social media; brand building; media training; legal basics; financial basics; songwriting, singing and performance; video shoot and photo session basics; touring; formal dining with heads of state;  wardrobe; behind-the-scenes essentials; correspondence; step-by-step, procured artist development; as well as connections to industry insiders for select, polished, camera and stage-ready artists.  

Taja will ascertain the student’s level of musical and industry knowledge; determine the level of the student’s talents, motivation, and perseverance; and set goals. The sessions and guidance is uniquely tailored for each individual.  

This opportunity is for the determined artist who wants to learn the essentials to become successful in the entertainment business.  

Four 1-hour virtual sessions per month / $5,000.00 per month / Minimum of three months  

Serious and determined? Contact: