Taja and Belber

Belber, the iconic heritage handbag and luggage company, joined up with Taja Sevelle for the U.S. launch of Taja’s new song, Little Diva. In April, 2017. 

Belber designed an exclusive, Limited Edition, Little Diva Tribeca Tote, especially for the launch of Taja Sevelle’s, Little Diva.  This handmade, leather tote is numbered on the inside, with an exceptional artist’s rendering of Taja, in natural grained leather.  Certificate of authenticity included, benefits two charities, only 200 units available worldwide!  Purchase here.

New Release! Taja’s new single, I’m Still Here

New Release! Taja’s new single, I’m Still Here, is from her forthcoming full-length CD.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QZB2I8Zyw4

“I wrote this song about my Father, who has dementia. In this song, I seek to give a voice to his experience. It is meant to convey what it is like from the perspective of having one’s memory and brain functions decline bit by bit, and how difficult and heartbreaking it is…

I intentionally wrote the 2nd  verse in French to give listeners who do not speak French an idea of what it’s  like to hear words and not be able to respond to them the way you want to—or perhaps not even understand them any longer.

The producer of my first and second CDs when I was first signed to Prince, Chico Bennett, played the bass and drums, produced, mixed, and mastered the song. Another brilliant string player, Kiara Ana played the violin and viola on this song, with some foundational strings parts and embellishments, and she also performed solo parts within the song.  Grammy winning producer, D-Moet, whom I have worked with extensively through the years, co-produced my vocal parts with me and contributed to the mastering of the YouTube version. Dylan Kilbride is featured playing the violin in a specially crafted Reprise and flourishes within the song. In the full-length CD version, Dylan is also featured playing a violin solo in a special prelude.

     It has been heartbreaking to watch my Father slip into another world. I hope this song brings a sense of dedication, love, and legacy to him, as well as a better understanding for others who may gain some insight into the terrifying and heart wrenching experience of dementia, alzheimer’s and other forms of loss. Dedicated to my Father, his Brothers, my Grandfather, and to Jan Spoerri, Gary LeMel  (Jazz singer and former head of the soundtrack division of Warner Brothers Pictures) ,  the Legendary Tony Bennett, Beverly Goodman (Nile Rodgers’ Mother), Sid Dauman, and anyone who has suffered loss of any kind, especially during the challenges of 2020, during which so many have lost businesses, and their lives as they once knew them…”

Available on Online Stores including

Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Im-Still-Here/dp/B08T65GHKB/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=taja+sevelle+I%27m+still+Here&qid=1612298080&s=music&sr=1-1

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/im-still-here-single/1549166850

I’m Still Here

Written by Margie Hauser and Taja Sevelle ©2020

He said, “I’m still here…please don’t forget me.

These days I just can’t get my words out, the right way, the way I hear them inside of me…

And trying to tell my feelings is like piecing puzzles in the wind…

Days of strangers, and all the things I knew have changed,

one by one they fade away, and time has come undone

just like the fallen leaves, from trees,

my life rides with the breeze…(but I’m Still Here)

il a dit “je suis toujours là, S’il te plait ne m’oublie pas.

Ces jours-ci, je ne peux juste pas sortir mes mots De la bonne manière,

De la façon dont je les entends à l’intérieur de moi

En essayant de dire mes sentiments c’est comme faire des puzzles dans le vent… ‘

Days of strangers, and all the things I knew have changed,

one by one they fade away, and time has come undone

just like the brand new leaves, on trees,

I’m Still Here in the breeze…Don’t forget me”

All vocals: Taja Sevelle / Piano: Margie Hauser   /  Bass: Chico Bennett  /  Drums: Chico Bennett

Violin and viola performances: Kiara Ana

Introducing additional solo violin performances: Dylan Kilbride

Executive Producer: Taja Sevelle / Associate Producer: Margie Hauser

Producer: Chico Bennett  Vocal Producer: Taja Sevelle and D-Moet

Online Store Versions Mastered by: Chico Bennett

YouTube Version Mastered by: Chico Bennett and D-Moet

Taja Sevelle on Montel Williams’ FREE THINKING podcast

Montel Williams interviews Taja Sevelle in his podcast, FREE THINKING, covering her music career, her new book, From The Root, Urban Farming and world affairs, as well as her contribution of a lunch with Prince in Erica Heller’s new book, One Last Lunch.
In this hour long interview, Taja and Montel dig deep into the state of the world, including food scarcity issues, healthy communication, healthy eating, and our political landscape.

Discover more about FREE THINKING at: http://freethinkingmontel.com/ or anywhere you get your podcast (I-heart, I-tunes, Spotify, etc.)


Taja Sevelle Interview on Fox 2 News

Taja Sevelle Interview

Taja Sevelle on Fox 2 NewsThe Fox 2 News/Urban Farming Garden was first installed by Urban Farming in 2006, and since then, it has produced approximately 5 tons of food for Forgotten Harvest and Gleaners, food assistance programs. The Fox 2 News family has been generous and kind to Urban Farming, helping us to spread our messages of the Urban Farming Healthy Principles, events, and food donations.

This interview covers the topics of the importance of Growing Your Own Food, the critical need for Healthy Communication in our world right now, as well as my book, From The Root, A Memoir and Philosophy for Balance in Our World, and my contribution of a private lunch with Prince in Erica Heller’s new book, One Last Lunch (Abrams Books).  Watch Now

Photo Credit: Teun Voeten, Wardrobe: Ralph Lauren, Location: Largest Urban Farming Community Garden in Detroit, in the Fall.


Taja Sevelle interview on “Max and Friends”

Taja Sevelle on Max and Friends

Max and Friends: This interview which occurs during the second half of Max Tucci’s, “Max and Friends,” is an upbeat, fun interview that delves into what Taja Sevelle has been doing with Urban Farming during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping families to grow their own food, as well as Taja’s advice for keeping our heads up during this time.

Max Tucci graciously donated, live on-air, to Urban Farming during the interview, to kick-off a fundraiser to help more families grow their own food! Thank you Max! Taja and Max also discuss Taja’s new music and her contribution of a lunch with Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch (Abrams books).  Listen Now

Taja and her husband, Les at a PRN Alumni Foundation Fundraiser Event, after Taja spoke about Prince and his philanthropic work. Capri Theater, Minneapolis, MN.


Taja Sevelle has contributed a moving piece about a lunch with the iconic music artist, Prince

Taja Sevelle New York Times articleCheck out Florence Fabricant’s NEW YORK TIMES review of One Last Lunch, by Erica Heller. Author and recording artist, Taja Sevelle has contributed a moving piece about a lunch with the iconic music artist, Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch.

 “One Last Lunch is a powerful, surprise-filled read that is as charming and funny as it is moving.” —Helen Mirren

Taja Sevelle’s lunch with Prince takes place in the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, and gives the reader a window into a heartwarming relationship between the two close friends.

Charming and uplifting, the fabled lunch is peppered with Taja’s    selections of real-life shared moments with Prince, revealing humor, social awareness, and of course, menu proclivities.

One Last Lunch: A Final Meal with Those Who Meant So Much to Us (Abrams Press; May 12, 2020; U.S $25.00; Hardcover.) Available also on Amazon:

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to sit down, break bread, and just talk? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to ask those unasked questions, or share those unvoiced feelings? In One Last Lunch, Heller, an acclaimed memoirist herself, has asked friends and family of authors, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and others, to recount one such fantastic repast. Kirk Douglas asks his father what he thought of him becoming an actor. Taja Sevelle asks Prince piercing questions. Sara Moulton dines with her friend Julia Child. Richard Lewis has lunch with Jonathan Winters. These richly imagined stories are endlessly revealing, about the subject, the writer, the passage of time, regret, gratitude, and the power of enduring love.

Conversations in the book include:

  •  Daniel Bellow (son) and Saul Bellow
  • Carinthia West (friend, collaborator) and David Bowie
  • Lee Clow (collaborator, friend) and Steve Jobs
  • Elizabeth Mailer (daughter) and Norman Mailer
  • Taja Sevelle (protégé, close friend) and Prince
  • Rain Pryor (daughter) and Richard Pryor
  • Cameron West (acquaintance) and Robin Williams
  • Richard Lewis (close comedy pal) and Jonathan Winters
  • Erica Heller (daughter) and Joseph Heller (Author of Catch 22.)

Purchase One Last Lunch, by Erica Heller at Amazon

About the Author

Erica Heller is the author of the memoir Yossarian Slept Here; a novel, Splinters; and 300 Ways to Say No to a Man, a humor book illustrated by Seymour Chwast. She has contributed to the New York Observer, Huffington Post, and other publications.

Urban Farming is Empowering People to Grow Their Own Food!

UrbanFarming.org donating seeds

Taja Sevelle is the founder of Urban Farming www.urbanfarming.org and the organization is working hard to empower people to grow their own food. During this difficult time, food has become the number one priority for many families. This year, in lieu of their annual events, workshops, and activities, Urban Farming has found creative ways to continue to provide necessary gardening resources to individuals and families.

     Urban Farming has already sent out 2,000 packs of seeds to 500 families so that they may grow their own food. The organization has also sent out 1,500 educational handouts to 500 families and individuals, and 30 copies of the Urban Farming gardening book Digging It.  In the next month, Urban Farming will provide 1,200 more packs of seeds and 5,000 vegetable plants to help 600 additional families, as well as 1,800 educational handouts, gardening tools and resources for community residents, and funding for community gardens in Detroit and Los Angeles.

     Urban Farming has been empowering individuals and families to grow their own food since 2005, and the organization also helps to support numerous community gardens. There are over 66,000 gardens around the world that are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®.

     If you wish to contribute to Urban Farming to help them provide more seeds, plants, and gardening resources to empower families to grow their own food supply, please visit:  https://www.urbanfarming.org/donate.html

#HealOurWorldFromTheRoot    #GrowYourOwnFood

#HealthyCommunication    #HealthyEating


Associated Press- Taja’s song “Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me” is on Prince’s “Originals”!

On June 7th, @TIDAL starts streaming never-before-heard Prince music from the CD titled “Originals.” You will hear the original demo of Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me?” that Prince gave to me for my debut, self-titled CD.
Read full AP article by Mesfin Fekadu here: https://apnews.com/9946e6f68e354265a15047187b217b56

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