Urban Farming

Urban Farming™ changed my life!

The act of starting and developing the non-profit organization, Urban Farming,
opened up a whole new understanding of our world for me.
Prince was a dedicated supporter of the vision of Urban Farming, which is to
Create Abundance for All in Our Generation. He was adamant about helping our world and he had a particular interest in helping people who have limited access to fresh, healthy food.

Urban Farming works in rural, suburban, and urban areas to raise awareness
about growing one’s own food and about healthy eating. The act of growing one’s own food is also an act of empowerment! But the Urban Farming approach is holistic and extends beyond gardening. It has led me to see that “from the root thinking” is critical to improving our overall society. It is one approach to transforming a financially stressed community or municipality into one that is healed, empowered, and able to attract global investment. Our demographic includes all ages, cultures, and backgrounds of people who are unemployed, underemployed, laid off, malnourished, suffering from food insecurity, or just flat-out starving.

A critical component of the mission is the Urban Farming Coexistence Model,
which includes Health and Wellness, Business Growth, Job Creation, Urban
Redevelopment, Urban Agriculture, and Global Investment. Coexistence investing: public/private partnerships invest in healthy concepts, including all of the principles and solutions that I list in each chapter of my new book, From The Root. Coexistence investing in healthy concepts allows us to recapture and reallocate wasted capital, and helps us to heal From The Root.
I will share more solutions that include coexistence investing in subsequent blogs. Please share how you are helping to Create Abundance in your life or your community.

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