We CAN change our patterns at a faster rate.

We can usher forth a peaceful, easy age. The alternative is to go on repeating the same patterns and approaches to life together on this planet that keep us repeating the same struggles and pain.  Do we want to continue the antiquated approaches that require armies to protect us, and generations to heal? 


The goal in a free-market economy is for all people to be able to attain a good quality of life and standard of living. Reaching that goal requires healing the roots of our challenges; achieving inner balance; and empowering people with the tools to become innovative, self-reliant, productive, and competitive in a global economy. It also requires weaning ourselves off of the thinking and behavior that is piloted by selfish desire. This behavior, borne from toxic roots, leads us to act only when there is personal gain to be had, or a threatening emergency. When we heal the roots of our challenges, our short-term and long-term actions contribute to our collective humanness.  

What are the ways that we can immediately impact our communities? 


Start a petition for healthy communication in the schools in your area. Or in the workplaces in your area. Or petition the networks to provide content in shows that are uplifting and that illustrate humans treating each other humanely. 

These are a few ideas- there are many more solutions in my new book that empower individuals and communities, providing a roadmap of how to create a world that is joyful for all of us to live in, without having to wait for the political system to take action.


If you want healthy, uplifting content, check out this live, streaming TV station, Healthwire FM: 



If you start a petition in your area, let us know about it! Share your ideas and your actions that help to #HealOurWorldFromTheRoot.


“From The Root” by Taja Sevelle




Edwin Andrade

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