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About the Artists… 

Taja Sevelle:  

             Singer, Songwriter, Author, Humanitarian, Taja was offered her first record deal by the legendary, Prince. The first song she wrote, Love is Contagious, became a hit in the UK and in R&B markets in the US. Taja has written songs with Burt Bacharach, Nile Rodgers, Prince, Thom Bell, and numerous others. She has singing and songwriting credits on over 3.5 million CDs sold. Taja Sevelle founded the non-profit, Urban Farming in 2005, which helps people grow their own organic food. The organization began with three community gardens of free food and there are now over 66,000 gardens that are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®. Urban Farming has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Montel Williams Show, CNN, the BBC, and Good Morning America among 30,000 other media stories worldwide. Taja has released a non-fiction titled From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World, and has written three novels. 

Commissioned works of Catherine Chapin:   

Catherine Chapin is an artist, illustrator and product  designer who worked with Tiffany & Company on Fifth Avenue in New York for 20 years as a senior designer, product developer and illustrator, creating delicate, flawless artwork for Tiffany fine china, crystal, stationary, cards, gift items, and event invitations. She is now a freelance designer for a wide range of clients and markets. Taja Sevelle commissioned Catherine Chapin to create artwork for the CD cover of her song Little Diva™  and related products, as well as the cover of her book, From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World and related promotional products. Her artwork is featured on the From The Root™, and Little Diva lines of merchandise from the Taja Sevelle Brand. 

Sonja Flowers:  

Sonja Flowers is a budding new artist who has received high accolades for her work. Originally from Minneapolis, Sonja now lives and works in Costa Rica. She has immersed herself in diverse cross-sections of cultures her entire life. Her first piece featured in the Love is Contagious Line is from a mixed-media work on canvas, a collage of origami paper with acrylic paint, titled: No Use Holding onto Dead Ends. Sonja has a penchant for deep insight and social concern, and these values are reflected within her meaningful artwork. She is featured on the Love is Contagious Line of mugs, water bottles, and other items. 

Paolo Catalla:  

Digital graphic artist, Paolo-Miguel Catalla has worked with major companies including Alfa Romeo, Lexus, iHeartMedia for the Will Ferrell Podcast, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Olympics among others. He rocketed into the NFT world with the exquisite debut NFT audio/visual animated coin series titled, Seven Days in Heaven, presented by The Taja Sevelle Brand. His Love is Contagious logo is featured on several items in The Taja Sevelle Line of Love is Contagious merchandise.