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Taja Sevelle On The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen welcomed Taja, to tell her about the Triscuit Home Farming Movement. Together they planted a home farm for Ellen.

Taja Sevelle & Urban Farming on Good Morning America with Chris Cuomo

Taja is interviewed live in this Good Morning America segment, discussing the birth of Urban Farming, the benefits of gardening, and more!

Taja Sevelle Interview with Max Tucci on "Max & Friends" LA Talk Radio

Max and Friends: This interview which occurs during the second half of Max Tucci’s, “Max and Friends,” is an upbeat, fun interview that delves into what Taja Sevelle has been doing with Urban Farming during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping families to grow their own food, as well as Taja’s advice for keeping our heads up during this time.

Max Tucci graciously donated, live on-air, to Urban Farming during the interview, to kick-off a fundraiser to help more families grow their own food! Thank you Max! Taja and Max also discuss Taja’s new music and her contribution of a lunch with Prince, in Erica Heller’s One Last Lunch (Abrams books). Listen Below

Taja Sevelle on Montel Williams' Free Thinking Podcast

Montel Williams interviews Taja Sevelle in his podcast, FREE THINKING, covering her music career, her new book, From The Root, Urban Farming and world affairs, as well as her contribution of a lunch with Prince in Erica Heller’s new book, One Last Lunch. In this hour long interview, Taja and Montel dig deep into the state of the world, including food scarcity issues, healthy communication, healthy eating, and our political landscape.