Urban Farming is Empowering People to Grow Their Own Food!

UrbanFarming.org donating seeds

Taja Sevelle is the founder of Urban Farming www.urbanfarming.org and the organization is working hard to empower people to grow their own food. During this difficult time, food has become the number one priority for many families. This year, in lieu of their annual events, workshops, and activities, Urban Farming has found creative ways to continue to provide necessary gardening resources to individuals and families.

     Urban Farming has already sent out 2,000 packs of seeds to 500 families so that they may grow their own food. The organization has also sent out 1,500 educational handouts to 500 families and individuals, and 30 copies of the Urban Farming gardening book Digging It.  In the next month, Urban Farming will provide 1,200 more packs of seeds and 5,000 vegetable plants to help 600 additional families, as well as 1,800 educational handouts, gardening tools and resources for community residents, and funding for community gardens in Detroit and Los Angeles.

     Urban Farming has been empowering individuals and families to grow their own food since 2005, and the organization also helps to support numerous community gardens. There are over 66,000 gardens around the world that are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®.

     If you wish to contribute to Urban Farming to help them provide more seeds, plants, and gardening resources to empower families to grow their own food supply, please visit:  https://www.urbanfarming.org/donate.html

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