Co-creation of Our World

We are co-creators of our individual and collective future, our life-path, and our communities…


Our human family is transforming and will continue to transform radically and rapidly, into a family that functions with ease. We will connect with our inherent skills and talents for peaceful communication, and our consciousness of a higher floor in this house that we call our reality—the house that we have collectively assembled. I know this, because of two powerful factors: the sheer plethora of evidence and research that supports this trending probability; my own experiences over the past fifteen years, gathering the primary evidence that supports the ideas for healing and balance put forth in this book.

Our human family will evolve into a conscious one that works together to create a refined and triumphant world. We simply will not stand by and accept the crudely wrought-together reality that has left billions of people around the world reaching for the nearest drug—legal, liquid, or otherwise—to cope with everyday life. We’re weary of clock-watching the hours as they slog by at unfulfilling jobs, dragging ourselves to “Happy Hour” just to lift our moods. We’re done with feeling like helpless spectators as our children spiral off the rails; die from addiction to drugs; cling and depend on games for escape; and try to forge forward with a hollow, listlessness, and emptiness of the soul. An emptiness which seems to have invaded every walk of life: affluent, low income, young, old, and everywhere in between, affecting our demeanors.

But, I know that these conditions will just not do for our ever truth-seeking spirits. We are wired for a peace that passes all understanding. We are wired for goodness. That is the reason that we can discern, somewhere inside, that we are off track. And when we heal ourselves from the root, the bubble, the needles, and the nagging, can and will all become antiquity, a mere question that our children will someday ask us: “What was it like when you guys still had hunger and war?” – From The Root, A Memoir and A Philosophy for Balance in Our World, pp 20.


Can you see it?


Watch the movie Tomorrowland with George Clooney.

It has one of the best depictions of the future that I’ve ever seen!


We are ALL the best and the brightest people in the world!


Create an amazing future for all of us!